"I've never danced in my life."
"I am a beginner."

Follow simple drills

Easy follow along videos to guide you all the way from zero to advanced.

Ace your Basic Steps

Build the right techniques from the start so that they are strong in muscle memory.

Learn all the fun stuff

Body rolls, beautiful arm stylings, sensual hips, exciting choreographies and combinations... and more.

Grow fast to intermediate level

All rounded training to achieve your dance goals.

"I've been dancing for a while."

"I want to improve."

Programs that motivate YOU

Exciting and comprehensive programs to feel the difference from the start.

Build your own training adventure

Own your dance journey and pick what you want to work on. Brenda's focused guidance will make the most out of your training time.

Discover & fix your mistakes

Correct all your bad habits with Brenda's techniques and strengthen your foundation.

Find your own style

Explore the moves and stylings that truly resonate with you and create your own dance style.

"I'm intermediate to advanced."
"I want to challenge myself."

Gain advanced skills

Musicality, choreography, showmanship... and more.

Exclusive access to brenda´s team trainings

Access her performance team trainings directly from Singapore.

Uncover all the techniques to become a great performer

Special insights, execution tricks, speed training, performance concepts, showmaniship mindset, stage attitude... and more.

Challenge yourself to Performance Show Routines

Train with the choreographies that Brenda has performed all around the world.

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-Full & unlimited access to 140+ classes

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-Full & unlimited access to 140+ classes

-Over 20 dance programs

-New tutorials weekly

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Happy Students Reviews

Thank you so much for an amazing class. I feel like I can see a whole new language of my body through 2 hours of training with you…

<p><span style="color: rgb(38, 38, 38);" >Nguyễn Như Ngọc</span></p>, <p>@ngotnuno</p>

Nguyễn Như Ngọc


Pure technique teaching perfection! Passionate, authentic, caring and fun bachata classes. Thank you Brenda. You are my #1 salsa and bachata queen! ❤️

<p>Inga</p>, <p>@Igahaj</p>



The class was AMAZIIINNGGG! Your knowledge is endless 🔥 I love your attitude, logic, way of movement explanation thanks so much ❤️

<p>Natalia Plewa</p>, <p>@natalia_plewa_</p>

Natalia Plewa


Festivals & Media

One of the most accomplished (and awarded) Latin dancers in Asia.

<p>HerWorld Magazine</p>, <p></p>

HerWorld Magazine

Internationally recognized by her unique, distinctive, dynamic, and emotional choreographies; the musicality and precision of her execution, and her communication skills as a teacher.

<p>EsDiario Online Newspaper</p>, <p></p>

EsDiario Online Newspaper

Her style is already unique and her teaching is very detailed. If you want to learn to dance like a true goddess, then you need to attend her classes.

<p>Berlin Salsa Congress</p>, <p></p>

Berlin Salsa Congress