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Technique Drills

"Correct my bad habits."

  • Master crucial techniques through muscle memory training

  • Short & transformative sessions

  • Our most popular classes

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"Feel-good training."

  • Quality technique-focused shines training

  • Learn fun new combinations & moves

  • Correct your poor habits

  • Perfect for dancers looking to improve

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"Excite & challenge me."

  • Learn execution, musicality, and presentation

  • Combines various techniques and exciting moves

  • Detailed step-by-step breakdown

  • Perfect for dancers seeking a challenge

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Warm-up / Stretch

"Get me ready."

  • Specifically tailored for dancers

  • Start and end every dance session feeling good 

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Bonus Tutorials

"Teach me something in 5mins."

  • Bite-sized tutorials (3-5min)

  • Must- know specific techniques or concepts

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Special Insights

"I need some motivation."

  • Dive deep into dance concepts & theories

  • Gain insights into motivational tools, musicality tips, and effective learning methods

  • Elevate with a holistic approach

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