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Happy Students Reviews

Thank you so much for an amazing class. I feel like I can see a whole new language of my body through 2 hours of training with you…

<p><span style="color: rgb(38, 38, 38);" >Nguyễn Như Ngọc</span></p>, <p>@ngotnuno</p>

Nguyễn Như Ngọc


Pure technique teaching perfection! Passionate, authentic, caring and fun bachata classes. Thank you Brenda. You are my #1 salsa and bachata queen! ❤️

<p>Inga</p>, <p>@Igahaj</p>



The class was AMAZIIINNGGG! Your knowledge is endless 🔥 I love your attitude, logic, way of movement explanation thanks so much ❤️

<p>Natalia Plewa</p>, <p>@natalia_plewa_</p>

Natalia Plewa


Festivals & Media

One of the most accomplished (and awarded) Latin dancers in Asia.

<p>HerWorld Magazine</p>, <p></p>

HerWorld Magazine

Internationally recognized by her unique, distinctive, dynamic, and emotional choreographies; the musicality and precision of her execution, and her communication skills as a teacher.

<p>EsDiario Online Newspaper</p>, <p></p>

EsDiario Online Newspaper

Her style is already unique and her teaching is very detailed. If you want to learn to dance like a true goddess, then you need to attend her classes.

<p>Berlin Salsa Congress</p>, <p></p>

Berlin Salsa Congress