Meet Brenda ❤️

Creator of, a Dance Mentor, Choreographer, Dancer, Instagrammer, & new-practicing blogger.

Brenda's Journey

Brenda’s dance expertise spans Hip Hop, Jazz, Classical Indian, and Modern Chinese dance, beginning her journey at age 8 and turning professional by 17.

She is now one of the most accomplished and valued Salsa and Bachata dancers in Asia.

Renowned as Asia's 'Queen of Technique' in the street latin scene, she stands out for her teaching capabilities, and has also captivated audiences worldwide with her signature style of choreographies, slick movement control and attuned musicality. A trailblazer, she is the first Asian female soloist to be invited to major international dance congresses.

As a passionate dance instructor, she efficiently imparts valuable techniques to her students and always motivates them to surpass their current dancing abilities. She believes in establishing strong technique and encompassing an attitude of endless learning. In addition to leading BLDC, with teams in Singapore, Taiwan, and Vietnam, Brenda is also the director and founder of brendaliewonline. Through this platform, she reaches thousands of students globally, spreading her expertise and passion for dance across borders.

Meet Saren 💙

Instructor & Dancer

Saren's Journey

Saren started her dance journey with Bharatanatyam (Classical Indian Dance) at the age of 8. Since then, she has evolved into an agile and versatile performer with over 60 shows in her repertoire, showcasing her prowess as both a soloist and lead dancer.

She chanced upon Street Latin dances in 2018 and was instantly captivated by their unique style and vibrant music. Joining BLDC Singapore in 2021, she seamlessly integrated into the team, contributing to stellar performances both locally and internationally. Saren's dedication has earned her multiple accolades in local Salsa competitions and Bachata Jack & Jills.

As a professional dance instructor, she leads BLDC’s Intermediate teams, BLDC Salseras and BLDC Bachateras, and also teaches both Salsa and Bachata live classes in Singapore. In her role as an instructor for brendaliewonline, Saren focuses on refining her teaching skills and fostering connections with students and dancers globally, aiming to inspire and elevate the dance community worldwide.

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